Why do I have heavy digestion?

These are the reasons why you could have problems digesting certain foods to digest

Digestion is one of those processes that is as basic as it is essential for everything that has to do with our intestinal activity . Sometimes, it happens that we do not always attend to the body’s need to convert food into energy , and the digestive processes do not take place as they would. If this is your case, and you think there are different reasons why you may have heavy digestion, be sure to read this article.

According to several studies, each one of the meals that we make at the group level supposes the consumption of at least 1,100 calories, that is, 60% of what an adult person needs.

The truth is that on many occasions, we are not able to time the caloric intake, which accumulates without spending all of them.

What are the consequences of these binges? Well, certain abdominal pains, heartburn, nausea or general discomfort, among other things.


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