Ways to prevent cancer

Cancers do not develop overnight. These cancer-fighting foods and other lifestyle changes can significantly reduce your risk of cancer. Of course, you should always discuss any concerns with your doctor.

Stand more and sit less

New studies suggest that people who spend most of the day sitting have a 24% higher risk of colon and endometrial cancer than people who spend less time sitting. Other research showed that people who spent more time in front of the television had a 54 percent higher risk of colon cancer than those who watched less television. Is it time to switch to a standing desk? If that’s not an option, get up and walk around for a few minutes at least once an hour.

Steam your broccoli

Broccoli is a cancer-preventing superfood, one you should eat often. But take note: A 2008 study by Italian researchers found that steamed broccoli contains more glucosinolates—the healthy components of the vegetable—than boiled, fried, or microwaved broccoli. Nutrients leach out into the cooking water instead of remaining in the vegetable.

Eliminate sugary drinks

Sugary drinks not only contribute to obesity and diabetes, they can also increase the risk of endometrial cancer. According to research from the University of Minnesota School of Public Health, women who drank large amounts of sugary beverages had up to an 87% increased risk of endometrial cancer, likely due to the pounds these beverages can add.

Eat “resistant starches”

Resistant starch, found in foods like green bananas, rolled oats, and navy beans, may help reduce the increased risk of colon cancer from a diet rich in red meat. According to the journal  Cancer Prevention Research ,  participants in one study had a 30 percent increase in cell proliferation in rectal tissue after eating 300 grams of lean red meat daily (about 10 ounces) for four weeks. After adding 40 grams of resistant starches daily while eating the meat, cell proliferation levels returned to normal.


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