These 13 signs of cancer symptoms can save your life

  When a tumor forms, sometimes it does not give any signals, but many others it sends us small alerts. Paying attention to these messages from your body can help you detect cancer at an early stage and have a better chance of treating it successfully. In this guide we are going to review the 14 most common symptoms that our body can send to alert us to cancer and we are going to explain how to differentiate it from other possible diseases that can also send similar signals. This way you can get rid of doubts and gain peace of mind.


    • How is?  It is an  extreme exhaustion  that does not seem to improve even with rest. It usually comes on suddenly and lasts and gets worse over time.
    • What cancers does it indicate?  As the cancer progresses, tiredness can become a symptom of the disease, although in some cases, such as leukemia, it can be one of the first symptoms, or it could also indicate  a colon or stomach tumor  due to a loss of blood that is not visible and that causes anemia. In other situations, the tumor can cause  anorexia or depression  and generate fatigue.
    • Why happens? Fatigue can be due to several causes, such as changes in the body caused by the tumor. Tumor cells compete with nutrients harming healthy cells and this can cause fatigue. And another common reason is  blood loss  caused by cancer and stomach tumors.
    • What else could it be?  Check your diet because it may be that lately you have not taken enough nutrients. Behind it there may also be simple hemorrhoids, a urinary tract infection or abundant menstruation. It could be that you have been under a lot of stress for a season. And it can also be a depression or a hormonal problem such as hypothyroidism.
    • How to differentiate it?  Severe fatigue that comes on suddenly and  lasts and worsens  over time is a typical symptom of cancer. And the usual thing is that it is not just any tiredness, but it can prevent you from working or doing housework.


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