Testicular cancer

Causes of testicular cancer
The exact cause of testicular cancer is unknown. According to doctors, testicular cancer is only known to arise when healthy cells in a testicle are changed. Healthy cells divide and expand in a regular pattern to keep your body running smoothly. However, some cells acquire defects that cause this growth to get out of control: cancer cells continue to divide even
when new cells are not needed. In the testicle, the collecting cells create a mass.

Scientists have discovered only a few risk factors that increase the chance of developing testicular cancer. Most boys and men who develop testicular cancer lack any of the established risk factors. Testicular cancer is related to the following risk factors:

● Undescended testicle ●
Genetic history of testicular cancer
● HIV infection
● Cancer located only in the testicle
● Previous diagnosis of testicular cancer
● Certain races/ethnicities
● Body size


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