Bladder cancer

Causes of bladder cancer

Most cases of bladder cancer appear to be caused by long-term exposure to toxic chemicals that cause abnormal changes in the cells of the bladder. It occurs when aberrant cells expand rapidly and uncontrollably, causing them to infiltrate other tissues. Smoking increases the chances of developing bladder cancer. In both men and women, smoking causes 50% of all malignant bladder tumors. You are more likely to get bladder cancer if you have the following factors:


● Exposure to carcinogens

● Bladder infections that last a long time

● Low fluid consumption

● be a man

● be white

● Being older, as bladder cancer affects most people over the age of 55

● A high-fat diet

● Family history of bladder cancer

● Previous treatment with chemotherapy drug, Cytoxan

● Having previously received radiation therapy to treat cancer in the pelvic area


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