10 beauty hacks for when you don’t have money

Do you have a limited budget? Goods you can buy in supermarkets may be cheap, but they often contain chemicals and hormone-disturbing substances that are not good for your health in the long run. It is decided that it is better to choose pure and high quality products and reduce the number of purchases than to buy cheap cosmetics.

However, cosmetics and skin care products are very expensive, especially for those who prefer to buy high quality products. By incorporating our eco-friendly cosmetology method, you can reduce the total number of products you use, save money, grow health and get radiant skin.

Coconut oil can replace 4 products

Coconut oil has many uses and is also ideal as a natural cosmetological product to save money. We usually use it daily and use up one bottle in 4-6 months.

– Can also be used to moisturize dry skin (perfect for deeply moisturizing legs after shaving or waxing).
– Add to handmade face masks for radiant skin.
– Also great as a make-up remover (soak a small amount in cotton to gently remove make-up).
– Deep condition your hair. That’s all I use as a hair mask, but to be honest, it’s great. Apply generously to the tips of your hair before going to bed and leave it overnight. Wash your hair in the morning and enjoy your smooth hair.


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